domenica 29 luglio 2012


All the city was in excitement and the people were preparing themselves for the great day of the Princess’ arrival. After that the Prince and the Princess, who came from Russia to marry her betrothed, had the Royal Banquet together and the Rose-dance, while the King played the flute very badly, they prepared themselves for the fireworks: the latest item of the programme, and, at the same time, the most fascinating thing that made the King proud of himself.
The Royal Pyrotechnist prepared all the fireworks in order, but during the time between the Banquet and midnight, the fireworks meet the others fellows and discussed for a long time.
Who was the most showy was the Remarkable Rocket, which came from an remarkable family. He liked very much talking about himself and about all his capacity, all his honour and his distinguished position in the society. He had even the theatre talent, so, to prove it, began to pretend crying. But this was a bad mistake, because in this way his stick grew wetter and wetter.
So, when the midnight came, the show began. It was wonderful and breath-taking: the Princess was ecstatic for the astonishing colours and evolutions that the fireworks was making in the air. But the Remarkable Rocket wasn’t let of in the sky: for he was useless, he was threw over the Royal Walls in a ditch mud. There he met a Frog, a Dragon-fly and a Duck; with these animals he discussed always about himself and the inferiority of his listeners, in fact these were all alteractions.
Suddenly, two little boys arrived running down the pond with faggots and boiler.
Because of they considered the Rocket an old spray, they used him to feed the fire, and then they falled asleep, while they were waiting that the boiler was ready.
The Rocket flew in the air; he thought about his beauty, his fame in that special moment of his life, but nobody saw or heard him.

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