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Scrivi un testo breve in cui devi spiegare il significato della frase estrapolata da “The Happy Prince”
E porta esempi dal testo.

“There is not Mystery as great as the Misery.”

Wilde with this phrase wants to tell us how huge is the human’s heart, because even the bad things of the life can be the beginning of a marvellous feeling, an astonishing thing. The most evident example is the story itself: even if at the end the Swallow dies and the Happy Prince is melted in the furnace, they will live forever in God’s Heaven. So the writer tells us that the suffering, the misery aren’t the end of the life, the end of the hope. Even better the evil can be transformed in good if you are sure that the happiness isn’t the absence of dolour and suffer.
Also the Swallow knows and joins this concept when he decides to stay with the Happy Prince even if he knows that this means die, but he does that because he loves the Prince. This means that if he had gone to Egypt, he wouldn’t have been happy even if alive because the reason of his life is with the Happy Prince, the place where is his call was there.
This is why Wilde calls the Misery the most important Mystery. 

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