venerdì 30 novembre 2012

SPORTS - exercise


Answer there questions

  1. What sport can’t you stand watching?
  2. What sports do you really enjoy watching?
  3. What sport have you either taken up or given up recently?

  1. I really hate formula 1. I just can’t hear the noise of the motors, that annoying rumble gets me crazy. It’s boring too stand watching some cars turn around a thousand times in the same circuit, I think it hasn’t got sense. I hate it also because all the times there is a race my father, who is passionate about that stupid sport, forces me to stay with him and to watch ALL the race. It takes a lot of time for nothing, because the competitors have to do at least seventies turns. In that times I just want to say to someone: “save me!”
  2. I remember that this summer I have watched the Olympic Games, and I have had a lot of fun. One of the sports I enjoyed very much was gymnastics. I adore this kind of sport, or the sports which involve in some way dance. I am really fascinated in watching that tiny young girls twisting their body, flying in the air like birds always with a deportment, a poise really impressive. I love that even because is one of the few sports which involves music, a thing that I like more than study! It is also impressive looking how all their moves are in rhythm, perfectly coordinate. It’s a spectacular, breath-taking show.
  3. My passion is dance, since I was three years old. I have practised different types of this varied sport, but the last year I have found the style which I feel mine. Once a week I practise hip hop in a dance school near Bisceglie with a teacher who did a journey in USA to learn the original hip hop. I like him very much because he’s really nice and smart, but the main thing is that he is the most professional and capable dancer I have ever seen. Dance takes all my problems away, it is a way to ride my mind, to express myself.

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