mercoledì 2 gennaio 2013


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I think that the problem nowadays is that there are few opportunity for the youth people, or this is for the Italian situation. I know many girls qualified who just can’t find the job because of the quantity of old people at work. This is because the govern is always stretching the age of the board. The crisis is removing funds from school (the only sector which should be preferred), and worse, from hospital sector. It must be the most important thing in the society! Also look after ourselves and take care of us is a luxury! If the govern doesn’t take an action, I think the things will get worse.

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There are really many things that are changed in he world of work. The most important footprint was given from the improvement and the relevance always more important of technology. The machines improved the times of production and also the quantity, the cons is that gradually everyone preferred that way to produce and now the handicraft is nearly disappeared. There was in this way a preference in quantity instead of quality. The machines also took off the human job: as the matter of fact, the number of  fired workers upturned gradually. Attracted by factory’s work, by the city, a lot of people abandoned agriculture for the effort in look after fields that sometimes give you nothing, while instead agriculture is as important as the city’s jobs. Finally, there is the place filled by woman’s jobs. Gradually, they took up all men’s jobs, so now also the woman can reach the most important locations in policy, companies ecc. Before they were in some way “forced” to stay home, look after the children and the house. This change has brought an improve in the number of workers and a new conception of family.

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