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JOBS - inglese

ES 3 PAG 54

This hair-rasing job involves lots of emotional advantages but also too many disadvantages. It is as achieve a dream, you can see the secrets of the space, the most fascinating place ever. It is filled by adventures and mysteries. With this job, you become the improving of the entire human race. But this costs a lot. You have to train for years and years, and it’s not sure that you will see the day of you departure in the space. It depends on the economy of the nation, on how many dollars the govern is disposed to deposit in the project. You have to own a strong conviction, which has to exceed the effort. If you can take part in a project and you can go into the infinity universe, there are countless risks: a failure with the technologic equipment, a suddenly illness, etc. it’s hard also to make a personal, natural life with a family. The children have to grew up without a parent, insecure with the conviction that their hero would really turn back home. If you could, your life will change dramatically: journalists and paparazzi will always follow you as it would be hard to own a sort of privacy. If you are disposed to accept all this obstacles, go and become and astronaut!

If your passion is the food and you enjoy creating something beautiful and delicious for the people, this is your job. Many people think that this is a job for who doesn’t want to study, but actually you have to train a lot. You have to control in the same time different dishes, you have to know how tastes mix together, how chop vegetables, in a different way the meat and also the fish. You have to look after diligently the kitchen, or you restaurant will close. The hardest task is balance quality with economy, if you aren’t able, in a case your restaurant will spend too much compared to how ears; in the other case, you will dish something bad for the people health.

This is a strictness and precision job. You must be a rigorous man because you have to handle small tools which must be perfect with hygiene and quality. All must be clean and net: beginning with your latex gloves, ending with your alb. You have to put everything in order because when the operation complicates, you have to be quickly and decided. You also have to train a lot, years and years for study the human mouth, because you have to recognise every type of disorder of your guest. You have to be also a socially person: many people are frightened of dentists, so you have to calm them, to put them at ease, to ensure them that all is under control and you are there to help them. I think it is one of the most difficult jobs in the world.

A particular voice, beauty, personality, creativeness, capacity of attract people, perseverance, patience, and a good dose of fortune. These are some of the requisites you have to own to be a pop singer; if you want to success, you have to know the right people being different from the other artists, unfortunately, you won’t be a singer if you are yourself. This is the big obstacle with this job: when you are famous, you have to do all what your manager and your staff want. You have to regard where you go, with who, why. Your life is constantly under control by paparazzi. You have to look after your body, don’t excess in nothing. For a pop singer is also difficult to have a family because you have to travel a lot, and all the world can know everything about your spouse and also your children have to support this range of life. Perhaps he would have difficulty also in having friendships. This is the hardest job in the world, because you haven’t any sort of privacy, you haven’t your own life. If you do something that the people consider wrong, you can fail and you will be forgot.

This is perhaps the most adventurous job in the world. With your intelligence you have to find the plane of the enemy, you have to considerate what ordinary people see but don’t give importance. Much observation and few reasoning, this is the method of the detective. Observe all the aspects of the facts, of the reality. This is not a job for all the people because you have to know perfectly a considerably quantity of things in all subjects, to own the capacity in looking the things as they are, in identify oneself in the outlaw. It is a different way to see the world, to judge the human behavioural. The risks are umpteen, you have to be disposed in everything.

The plumber isn’t a job for who can’t support the rhythm of the school. You have to own a big strength, reflexes in the case that something goes wrong, handle and intuitively capacity, competence in the subject of the necessary equipment and its different uses. You have also to be disposed to have a low range of hygiene, the pipes are usually dirty!

If you don’t impress in front of blood, organs, innards; if you aren’t terrified by the thought of open a body and sew up it, you have the main requisites to be a surgeon. This job can give you a huge satisfaction but also big disappointment when an operation ends badly. You have to be disposed to accept the outcome of your work, undependably in what is it. To save people from illness you have to know all about illness and all about the human body, a considerable quantity of knowledge which you can afford only with years and years of study and training. This job involves a complete dedication and devotion, you have to be available in every hour of the day. Your temper must be serious, resolute as your job is, but in the same time, you have to socialize with patients and their parents or friends. You have to been able to ensure them, to incite their hope.

This is a job accessible by everyone. It’s not too hard to spray at a glass and clean it with a rag. You haven’t to own particular mental capacity or knowledge. The only requisite is a good dose of patient and will. If you have to clean windows of a palace with more of ten floors, you have to own another requirement: bravery and a pinch of craziness!

This is a job appropriate for who loves animals and look after them. As the matter of fact, you will stay with animals all the day, so you have to know all about them, their conditions of life, their necessities, their language and lots of tricks to encourage them and put them on ease even in a cage. You have to own the capacity to make confidence with the animals, which involves patient and will in front of their behaviour, which sometimes can be unusual and out of control. Hygiene has the main location if you want to run a structure like this, because the animals need it and so the tourists.
Unfortunately, you have also to own protection measures: the animals mustn’t escape, if it happens, you have to own a protection system for your guests.

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