venerdì 15 marzo 2013

ESSAY - about job

Your teacher has asked you to write an essay living your views on the following question:

Should companies give men and women equal opportunities to have time off work to look after their children?

  1. first of all + say that I am a mother with two children, say how is difficult
  2. in addition I say how is difficult look after the job with these cares
  3. nevertheless I and my country need people who work, especially in these times of crisis
  4. to sum up and to give a judgement, there must be a compromise between companies and workers, maybe with better organised work hour and changes among colleagues

Firstly, I must say how I have to work daily in my life. I am a really busy woman with two little boys, of the most romp type, and I have also to look after my husband, maybe more brat than the children. But he’s advantaged: his company holds him for more hour at job, because he’s a man. I do a lot of hours too, but I have to cure the boys pretty alone.

In addition, my job make this more difficult to deal with: I have often long hours working, all concentrated in particular days, other one, I stay all day at home while my boys are at school. It’s very hard to coincide all the commitments, specially if your husband is never at home. I can understand him, in fact I disagree with the organization of work companies, who doesn’t give equal opportunities to have time off work.

Nevertheless, I must admit that it is important to have lots of workers, especially in times of crisis as these are, but in my opinion these discomforts are exactly the reasons of the hardship in the country.

To sum up: maybe more organization for working hours, maybe some compromises between people and companies can establish a more balanced life for the workers and their families and improved results for the companies. 

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