lunedì 4 marzo 2013

ESSAY about sport - first

Write an essay discussing the following statement:

Stress can be reduced by playing sports.

To begin with, I think sport has a principal place for a balanced and healthy life, as the proverb says: “Mens sana in corpore sano”.

As most of people think wrongly, sport is a waste of time and energy; the reality says the opposite: all the doctors recommend physical activity to their patients, because it gives a tonic and lean body and a less worried brain. Take some time in your life for a liberating activity help you forgetting for a moment your responsibility, your problems, your stressful life, because when you do sports you concentrate only in what you are doing in that moment.

Secondly, the practise of sports is a way to have fun, because you can choose an activity where you can express yourself, where you are at easy, where it’s possible feeling that you can success in something. All this get away the stress, which is originated often from the disappointment at work.

To conclude, play sport is a way to look after yourself: some beauty magazines says that play sport almost twice a week keeps you slim in the body, young in the face. In practice, even your years grows  inevitably, you can do the same things, because you train for this your body and your mind.

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