sabato 21 luglio 2012


A young Student was disperate, because if he would dance with the girl he loved at the ball, he have had to bring her a red rose; but there wasn't red roses in his garden, so he weept on the grass all the day.
But a Nightagle, which had had his nest in the same garden, on the Oak-Tree, decided to help the poor Student, because he was a real lover. 
The bird flew trought the grove and found a Rose-Tree, but it had only white roses, so he sent the Nightagle to his brother, but even him had only yellow roses. And the yellow-roses-Tree sent the bird to his brother, who grew beneath the Student's window. 
As the Nightagle went there and asked for the red rose, the rose-Tree seemed very sad: his roses were red, but the storm during that winter had destroied all his flowers and branches. When the bird began to cry, the Tree revealed that there was a way to create new roses, but it was terrible: the bird has had to built it out of music by moonlight, and stain it with his own blood, he has had to sing with his breast against a thorn, and the thorn has had to touch his heart. The price to create the new rose was the life of the same Nightagle.
The little bird accepted the sacrifice, because he was sure that Love was better than Life; so, after the latest greetings to the Oak-Tree, that has kept his nest safe for many years, the rite become. 
He started to sing, and stain the new rose with is heart blood after a request for the Student: he would be happy forever. But he didn't, because, as he found the rose the next morning, he run to his dreams' girl, but she refuted him and his rose for an other boy with much money and fame. 
So he transformed his disappoint and angryness in contempt for Love, and in veneration of Logic

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