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ENGLISH - short story

Short story

You have been asked to write a short story for your college magazine. The story must begin with the following sentence:

If he hadn’t answered the phone, it would have been just another ordinary day…

Jack was my best friend, and that day I was very depressed: I just wanted to go away from that house. My brother was very annoying because of the exam he was studying for the day after, my mother was angry with my father because he doesn’t mind anything when he sits in front of a computer, he minds only his job. I was sad by myself because of the tiring hours in school and I just wanted to forget everything and go to sleep. But suddenly I had a good idea, call my best friend Lawrence. For Goodness sake he answered and I let out all my problems, my thoughts with him. I always like very much talking with him: he was a nice and simply person, with smart and deep eyes which look at you in a very strongly way; his lips are so thin that when he smile, you cannot see them, and I was imaging them moving and disappearing at his laughs. I became more and more raised, because finally I was at ease.
Suddenly a scream, noises, sounds of a fight and then nothing else. Only the rhythmic sound of the phone off the hook. I called his name with the loudest scream I had, but no one answered. I began to cry, when I released what happened. I just cannot move, I was scared stiff, petrified.
“Mum…mum…MUM!”. Slowly my voice came out stronger and stronger, my body began to shook violently out of control. My mother came idly in the room, but when she saw my with face, she run at me, and I told her the fact. She got pale too, but reacted. She took the phone and called the police, then took me in the old red Fiat 500. She drove as I never saw her, she never drove so fast, but I was only crying, too busy to listen anything. She stopped the car and I heard sirens.
Without a second thought, I rushed out the car, run into Lawrence house, when a policeman grabbed me with a gentle strength. As I sae his body bleeding on the stretcher, I just faint.
I woke up with my mother caressing my head, banded with a soft cloth. Slowly she told me that Lawrence was save, in good condition, alive. Two burglars got into his house and he was alone. The burglars escaped, but fortunately they were interested only in the values of the house. In the foggy of my head, slowly everything got clear, awfully clear. But everything was just over. It was the most scaring experience of my life, but it was finally over.

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  1. ciao miriam sono la mamma di una ragazza che sta per dare il leaving certificate e tra le varie prove ce appunto una short story. questa in particolare l hai inventata tu? potrei mandarla a mia figlia per prendere spunto? non vorrei fosse una storia conosciuta!!! Grazie mille

    1. Ciao! Sono mortificata di risponderti solo adesso...comunque sì, l'ho inventata io, spero quindi che sia stata utile! Come è andato il leaving certificate?