giovedì 7 novembre 2013

FCE writing test - article


An English language magazine has invited its readers to write an article about what their lives would be like without computers.
Write your article.

I have never considered myself as a computer maniac, but, all in all, if I try to think a life without computer or mobile telephone, I realise technology is essential for me in different aspects. It modifies my life mainly as a student; in fact all m schemes, all my homework are made at computer, which can preserve me from slow writing, the mess of calligraphy and mistakes.
Secondly, I have my own blog, where I put schemes, Italian essays, Latin poetries and much more; in this way, I can study more efficiently and in the same time my efforts can be useful for anyone else in the world.
No computer signifies no facebook, essential to communicate with friend far from you, no films, which I usually see on YouTube; no music but with CDs.

There is nothing to hide: our generation, including me, depends on technology, but I think there’s nothing to worry about unless it is used for his aim: help men to improve his abilities, so as an instrument and not as a purpose. But I want to add that this way to behave concerns everything, not only the technology sector.

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