giovedì 7 novembre 2013

FCE writing test- letter

Dear Jane,

The day is coming and I thank you for your purposes, but there is something to discuss about.
Firstly, for my point of view, the local sports centre isn’t a suitable place for a party: no tables not much light, too much smell. A dusty place wouldn’t create a celebration atmosphere, so I suggest you the City Hotel. What about it? We would have a wide space, coloured lights and a hi-fi system for the DJ.

In fact, in my opinion, we should spend our budget in booking the pub, because the place has priority; moreover we haven’t money enough to hire a group.

What a brilliant idea for the present! I know Brian’s biggest wish is to go to Italy tasting Mediterranean’s flavours. So can you begin to look for something not too expensive on the internet?

But there is a bad news I have to tell you: the day before the party I’m busy because it’s the day of my driving test. However I know that Sarah is available and she’s looking forward to helping us: contact her!

Keep in touch


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